Here’s why you need the Best Brand for Anti-Oxidants Alkaline Water

Millions of people are following the alkaline water and diet concept for the right reasons. Apart from enhancing the absorption of water and bettering the hydration rate, alkaline water is also great for metabolism, losing weight, natural energy and blood sugar control. Your regular tap water has an alkaline balance of 5 or 6, whereas with packaged alkaline water, you have the option of enhancing the pH level to 9. At Tru Balance Water, we just take it a step further. We offer anti-oxidants alkaline water with a pH balance of 9.5, with a blend of all the essential minerals for that extra boost of goodness and energy!

Anti-Oxidants Alkaline Water

As the best brand in US for mineral water, we are constantly expanding into new segments, and it remains our sole intension to ensure that our customers get access to genuine alkaline water loaded with best of nutrients and minerals. We are now available in all parts of Dallas and Texas and we intend to reach more people in days ahead. If you haven’t tried our products as yet, you can call us for more. We are currently offering free samples of our products to selected customers, and you might be the lucky one.

Contact Information: 

Tru Balance Water Inc

Web Site:

1415 South Voss #110-274

Houston, TX 77057

Telephone: 346-907-8400



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