Top 7 Reasons To Choose Vitamin Enhanced Water

Alkaline water, enriched with vitamins and minerals, is believed to have a number of benefits. If you are considering vitamin enhanced water as the replacement to regular water, here are the seven reasons to switch.

  1. Alkaline water is believed to regulate blood sugar levels, which can help people with diabetes.
  1. People have claimed that ionized water is ideal for alleviating arthritis and other kinds of joint pain.
  1. It helps in neutralizing acids in the body and offers a natural detox experience. With magnesium, calcium and potassium added, alkaline water may assist in eliminating lactic acid produced by the body.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Vitamin Enhanced Water

  1. It has added electrolytes, which offers a natural boost to bodily functions without any sugar or glucose.
  1. The presence of antioxidants provides anti-aging and rejuvenation benefits.
  1. It prevents acid reflux, also known as heartburn.
  1. It stimulates and betters the hydration rate. It may also have an impact on the metabolism rate in a positive way.

If you haven’t tried a brand as yet, Tru Balance Water is your best pick. Our packaged water comes with natural additives mentioned above with a pH level of 9.5 for the maximum benefit. Check online on our website to find more details.

Contact Information: 

Tru Balance Water Inc

Web Site:

1415 South Voss #110-274

Houston, TX 77057

Telephone: 346-907-8400



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